Online Trading Academy Donation!

Sometimes things just fall into place! Last week David Isaacson, Beach Geeks CEO, received an email from Jessica Simonetti, General Manager of the Online Trading Academy Washington DC Metro and Baltimore. She was asking if perhaps Beach Geeks would be interested in approximately 50 Dell computers running Windows XP.  “Just let me know, we are going to contact Goodwill if you guys aren’t interested!”

What a perfect opportunity to tell a customer about the TMI Initiative.  The TMI Initiative, operating under TMI Arlington, seeks to help nonprofits serving Arlington to become more efficient, more effective and greener. By providing these non-profits with an updated technology we hope to see them maximize the good that they do in our community!

It’s not every Monday morning that good news falls in your lap out of your email inbox. Thank you, Jessica Simonetti and the Online Trading Academy.

If you have used computers, laptops, printers, etc. in a closet and you have been wondering how to safely dispose of them, then get in touch by sending an email to Your donated equipment will help a local non-profit improve our community!