When your issue is too complex to resolve remotely, Beach Geeks will come to you. Beach Geeks offers on-site tech support in two ways: We can come to you when you need us to fix an isolated problem, or we can schedule regular tech support visits from the same engineer.

Tech Support: Why would you schedule regular on-site visits?

You don’t run to the office supply store every time you need a pen. You make a shopping list, and at regular intervals, you place an order. The same can be true of your IT needs.

If your company does not have the need or the budget to hire an on-staff IT professional, then outsourcing your IT needs to Beach Geeks can give you the tech support you need without the extra costs of a full-time employee.

While on-site, our Beach Geeks will be your company’s “IT Guy”, assisting your staff with any and all of your technical issues at the same time, and as often as your business requires.

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