Custom Mobile Applications

Do you need project management software but you can’t find one that suits your business? If you can identify a problem with a process in your daily business operation, Beach Geeks can build you a custom mobile application, or customize an existing one, to save you both time and money. Let Beach Geeks help you.

Let us help make the machine that is your business run more smoothly, operate more efficiently, and reserve your hard-earned capital for more profitable expenditures.

How could your business use a custom mobile application?

  • Track projects and save time and money by identifying repetitive tasks that drain the profit out of your projects
  • Tailor out-of-the box software into custom-built machinery to take the guesswork and the drudgery out of making day-to-day decisions
  • Customize project management software to eliminate repetitive tasks and improve morale in your workplace by automating manual tasking
  • Manage and improve productivity by integrating your company’s data
  • Report production statistics to investors or clients

Why should I customize?

  • You own your product. If you come up with something great there is no reason you can’t license it to others.
  • No recurring licensing. You paid to develop the product so it’s yours.
  • Gaps in the market. Sometimes what you need just isn’t out there yet.
  • Controlled interface to data. You control exactly how your users can and cannot interface with your data.

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