24.7 Help Desk

Because your business relies on its technology around the clock, our remote Help Desk services gain remote access and are available to help you get back to business 24/7/365 . Give us a call (703) 618-8855. Getting help is as simple as that.

How It Works

  1. Your systems have an issue. You contact the Beach Geeks Help Desk.
  2. We open a ticket in our system. If you are up and running in less than 15 minutes, our services are FREE.
  3. We open a remote access help session with you using LogMeIn software to gain remote access to your computer with your permission.
  4. We work with you to quickly and conveniently diagnose your issue and resolve it. If it’s a complex issue, we’ll schedule an onsite visit to resolve the problem.
  5. Upon resolution of the ticket to your satisfaction, our engineers close and archive your  case.

If you’re the type who doesn’t just want your problem fixed but wants to know how we do it, you might be interested in knowing just exactly how Beach Geeks’ Help Desk works and how our ticket archiving can save you money.

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Remote Help

Beach Geeks LogMeIn remote help server allows us to connect directly to your machine. With this connection, we can perform installs, repairs, and diagnostics without the wait of deploying a technician to you onsite. With your permission, our technician will take command of your workstation or laptop, to diagnose and repair issues quickly and conveniently.

Want to see an upgrade before we deploy it? Along with remote control comes remote presentation previewing. We can demo a potential product before its installation on your machine while you watch your monitor.

Ticket Archiving

We keep historical data for incidents that occur with your systems when you call our Help Desk. Why does this matter to you? This information can help us analyze the best method to deal with your issues in the future. If you call multiple times because of system crashes or hard drive failures, we can identify trends and find a solution to resolve the issue permanently and cost-effectively.

As a best business practice, ticket archiving can provide you with documentation of how you are spending your IT dollars. This allows you to work with Beach Geeks to assess how best to address recurring costs by eliminating recurring technical or end-user training issues.

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