Monitoring & Maintenance

If your server goes down on a weekend or during off-hours, you might not even know until business opens on a hectic Monday morning. Critical business hours are lost without having a monitoring service on all of your critical IT components. Without scheduled maintenance, you can experience server downtime that can cripple your business. Very similar to a car. Servers need to be maintained. Operating system updates, removal of old files, defragmenting the hard drive, etc. to maintain proper functionality. With Beach Geeks’ Monitoring & Maintenance Services (proxy server), we guarantee that your time is spent focused on your business while we focus on keeping your technology running at its peak.


Beach Geeks cost-effective monitoring service alerts the moment your server has a problem, typically before an outage occurs.

Whether your server is critically down or just running out of space, we alert you and resolve the problem immediately, 24/7/365. Beach Geeks monitoring services give you peace of mind along with a monthly email report on server uptime, hardware statistics, and alerts/escalations.

Server Maintenance

Beach Geeks maintenance service means that your servers are professionally maintained and upgraded on a regular basis. Upgrades are tested for compatibility with your other systems prior to installation. Basic server health tests are performed regularly as well, to identify and eliminate issues before they become critical to the operation.

With our monitoring service you will have a preemptive resolution process! This helps keep your servers running at peak capacity and reduces the possibility of a catastrophic system failure so that you and your business can be as productive as possible.

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