IT Consulting

Technology is the foundation of the day-to-day operations of your business.

Beach Geeks’ comprehensive support and consulting services can ensure that you and your team will never be out of business because of technical failure. Relax and rely on your infrastructure’s optimal performance — in the office, on the road, or in your home.

How can Beach Geeks ensure that your technology is helping you to operate at maximum efficiency?

What is IT Consulting?

Beach Geeks delivers an objective look at the way your organization uses technology.

IT Consulting is: analyzing your current workflow, identifying your organization’s needs and trouble spots, and developing systems that streamline workflow to create a more productive and cost-effective environment. It is assessing the way your organization uses technology and identifying the ways that your staff can work smarter, not harder, to deliver results.

Do I need it?

Is your organization functioning at maximum efficiency? If you cannot answer yes, then you do. Call Beach Geeks today for a free consultation.

Beach Geeks consulting capabilities cover more than just the basics. We staff a powerful team of certified network solution professionals, application developers, web & graphics designers, database administrators and project planners to ensure that we don’t just meet your challenge but exceed your expectations.

We thoughtfully deliver the right solution, whether you intend to outsource your IT or not.

How Does it Work?

A typical consulting project has the following lifecycle:

  1. Client, with the help of Beach Geeks consulting services, or independently, recognizes a need.
  2. Client submits a Request for Proposal.
  3. Beach Geeks identifies a custom-tailored solution and creates a Proposal and Quote.
  4. Client accepts Proposal and agrees to Cost Schedule in the Quote.
  5. Beach Geeks Project Planning Cycle starts.
  6. Client is notified of Milestones within the Project Timeline.
  7. Beach Geeks completes Project.
  8. Client approves completed Project and receives Project Documentation.

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