Cloud Storage & Offsite Data Backup

Why do you need cloud storage?

It is common knowledge now that a business needs regular backups of critical data.

But if you are keeping your backups onsite, natural disasters, fire, theft, vandalism or a thoughtless mistake can destroy critical data and leave your business exposed to a catastrophic loss.

Beach Geeks’ professionals can help you with a strong backup and recovery plan that leverages our highly-secure data centers and remote backup capabilities.

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How does Cloud Storage Work?

Beach Geeks cloud storage utilizes a multi-layer tiered approach to protecting your data:

  • Layer One: All of our servers are protected by an array of disks that act as a failover, ensuring that during a catastrophic disk failure, your information remains available.
  • Layer Two: Every day, a snapshot is taken of your information using our Enterprise Level Dell Storage Network.
  • Layer Three: Those snapshots are backed up onto our farm of backup servers, and stored for long-term retention and restorability.
  • Layer Four: Still not comfortable with all of your data in cloud storage? Your data is replicated to physical media, in a second, off-site location, and stored for disaster recovery.

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