Do you remember when you would get shown around the office on your first day of work?  Someone would show you where everyone ate lunch, where they kept extra paper for the copy machine. Eventually, someone would give you the lowdown on the filing system.  Chances are you might have to return to that person a few times and ask a question.  “Where do I find the closed jobs again?” or “Can I see the budget reports for last fall?”

In this current climate when you might not ever report to an office and the possibility exists that you might not even be in the same state as your co-workers it is likely  that your business has a digital “filing cabinet.” And if it doesn’t – maybe it should?  You might not be passing around a legal sized file and a red pen to edit and collaborate on a document but isn’t emailing ten copies of the same file around your office just as big a headache?

Enter SharePoint.  Microsoft’s SharePoint claims to “make it easier for people to work together.”  Now that is a tall order.  If you had instant access to all of your company’s pertinent information and could share up to the minute changes and ideas wouldn’t that make it easier to work together?  With Microsoft’s SharePoint you can.

Anyone that has ever used Microsoft’s Excel to add a column of numbers knows that they are not using this powerful software to its full potential and the same is true of SharePoint.   In order to design, implement and optimize SharePoint for your company you need someone to listen to how your company uses data.  You need someone to understand how you function as a team and design an infrastructure that will allow you to work smarter.

Enter Anna Lindgren. Beach Geeks is pleased to announce the addition of Anna to our team. Her background as a business consultant and designer of information systems makes her a tremendous asset to our team.  If you have been considering SharePoint for your business we invite you to talk to Anna.  Tell her about your business and let her tell you what SharePoint and Beach Geeks can do for you.

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