Cloud Computing: Chamber Recap

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the Arlington Chamber of Commerce’s recent roundtable discussion hosted by David Isaacson you can get a recap here on our blog!

04d11b32-f498-48c0-abcf-569cee96255f-mLast week David addressed Today’s Cloud: Why You Need It, and How to Get There. I wanted to share his outline for the round table discussion to give you an idea of what you missed!  And to remind you that Beach Geeks can help you take advantage of cloud computing in more ways than you might have realized.  Much of what he talked about is summed up on Beach Geeks website! Below is David’s roundtable outline and the basic information you might need to decide that you need the Cloud!

What can you use cloud services or cloud computing for?

Email Services

WebsitesCloud computing concept with copy space

Backup Services

Hosted Services

Social Media: We can help you develop an online social media presence.  

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